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Miami’s Most Famous Cuban Sandwich Is Now Being Delivered Nationwide

Versailles is often associated with over-the-top decadence that spawned a revolution. But if you live in Miami or just really like to eat, the word Versailles conjures a different kind of decadence. The roasted pork kind. Because Versailles serves Miami’s—and therefore the country’s—most famous Cuban sandwich. And now, that lauded Cubano is available for nationwide delivery. Versailles […]

Stone crab, Cuban sandwiches and mojitos: The 18 best places to eat and drink in Miami

Stone crab, Cuban sandwiches and mojitos: The 18 best places to eat and drink in Miami Miami is without a doubt one of the nation’s most exciting cities. Located at the very southern tip of the continental United States, the city occupies a unique space as a crossroads between the U.S. and the Caribbean and Latin […]

Five times people gathered at Versailles to do more than sip cafecito

There’s a sign towering over Calle Ocho boasting “the world’s most famous Cuban restaurant.” That sign is probably right. By now, it’s tradition for politicians to have a cafecito in 90-degree weather while vying for the Cuban American vote. You’ve seen it as the backdrop of protests of Cuban relations policy, the parties after Miami Heat championships […]

Bienvenidos Versailles Cubano Pizza!

“It’s love at first bite as Michael makes Miami’s most iconic sandwich open-faced for a limited time only featuring Versailles house roasted pork and glazed ham, bread and butter pickles, mustard sauce, fontina and gruyère cheeses, and finished with a Versailles croqueta!  From Monday, January 14 until Valentine’s Thursday, February 14, find this pie in […]

The 5 Best Restaurants Near Miami International Airport

“Because you must have good Cuban food as much as possible while in Miami, Versailles is the go-to spot (and it’s been operating for almost 50 years!). Not only is there a Little Havana location that includes a bakery and full-blown restaurant that’s open, but there are also a handful of Versailles cafes inside the airport as […]

10 Best Places for Cuban Food in Miami

“You’re not stopping at Miami’s most famous Cuban restaurant for the loosely (very, very loosely) Versailles-inspired design. You’re there for the food. Like the restaurant itself, some of the staffers are neighborhood institutions, so make sure to ask them for advice if you’re a Cuban food newcomer. But, you can’t go wrong with the Cuban […]

Where to Eat at Miami International Airport

“There’s nothing like a shot or ten of Cuban coffee at Versailles after a long haul, or heck, before a long haul if so inclined. Cuban sandwiches and lots of clamor en español reminds patrons that they aren’t in Kansas anymore, if but for a few hours. And, if the line is too long at […]

Where to Find Miami’s Best Croquetas

“Make a quick stop at Versailles’ ventanita for a croqueta and a cafecito. The varieties available are ham, chicken, and cheese. Munch on any of them while enjoying the political — and sometimes gossipy — chitchat amongst the patrons.” Source: Eater Miami

Cuban Restaurants in Little Havana You Can’t Miss

“It’s generally agreed among both food critics and locals that Versailles offers some of the most authentic Cuban cuisine, including classics such as croquettes, Cuban sandwiches, and cafecito.” Source:

Where to stay in Miami

“Consult any travel guide, online list or hungry local about where to grab some Cuban food down in Little Havana and one name will always pop up: Versailles. It’s not hype. The food at Versailles is done with tradition in mind, and the result is classics such as croquetas, Cuban sandwiches and cafecito that have […]

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